Jagermeister Taps Augmented Reality For Halloween

An augmented reality experience called “Divine the Darke” is being introduced by Jägermeister for Halloween.

AR is used to deliver tarot card readings on the Snapchat platform, with each card providing a glimpse into the future using the brand’s irreverent spirit.

A snapchat code is embedded on Jägermeister brand materials in bars and retail locations so consumers can scan the tarot card code to prompt a new Snapchat lens to unlock for one hour.

Unlocking the lens provides an AR filter based off the desired tarot card. Clicking on the card determines the person’s Jägermeister cocktail fate.

The marketing intent is to drive engagement and awareness by positioning the brand as an essential ingredient for a memorable night.

from MediaPost: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/326758/jagermeister-taps-augmented-reality-for-halloween.html