Taco Bell takes a global approach to National Taco Day with festivities in over 20 countries

Taco Bell may be known for its Americanized versions of tacos and other Mexican-inspired dishes, but it knows that the taco – in its many forms – is loved around the globe. That’s why the fast food chain is gearing up for National Taco Day (October 4) by going international and helping over 20 countries celebrate the day.

To kick-off celebrations for the holiday, Taco Bell is sharing iconic tacos from around the world, whether it’s a Potaco (India), Tico Taco (Costa Rica) or Bulgogi Taco (Korea), giving fans internationally a reason to celebrate the day.

Traditions in the US will expand with celebrations centered around not only food but also holiday stories like ‘Glen and the Magic Taco’ (see video at the top of the story), which tells the tale of National Taco Day’s origin, according to Taco Bell. The beloved holiday special, inspired by Taco Bell’s founder Glen Bell and starring ‘El Cruncho,’ will air leading up to October 4, just like the classic holiday animated specials that define holiday tradition.

There will also be festive attire – an exclusive National Taco Day t-shirt on the Taco Bell Taco Shop on October 4.

The chain urges fans to follow #NationalTacoDay for upcoming festivities happening across the globe and tips for how to celebrate leading up to the big day.

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