The Last Blockbuster Standing Now Has a Craft Beer Brewed in Its Honor

Nearly 33 years ago, Blockbuster was founded and helped take the home movie watching to the next level. Now with the advancement in streaming the need for a video store is basically irrelevant.

This may be true across most of the country but in Bend, Oregon the final remaining Blockbuster in the United States still plugs along. Now the last standing location is as popular to take selfies in front of as it is for families to rent movies at.

To honor this last remaining Blockbuster location, 10 Barrel Brewing has brewed a special beer to celebrate this momentous milestone aptly named The Last Blockbuster. This beer is a variation of the brewery’s S1nist0r Black Ale and is said to have nuances of red licorice with a light body and a smooth finish at 5.7% ABV.

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