A chicken visits penguins and eats at a restaurant to promote fresh Sanderson Farms poultry

This summer, Sanderson Farms is utilizing the expertise of a chicken in a campaign designed to explain the brand’s common-sense approach to raising chickens.


The campaign focuses on freshness, value and the fact that chickens aren’t vegetarian in a series of three spots. The catch is, the chicken is the star and main conversant.

One spot, ‘Penguins,’ sees the chicken on a trip to Antarctica where it’s chillier than he bargained for, saying that being on the ice with the flightless water birds is “really, really cold” as he watches the penguins dive into the icy waters. The ending voice over states that Sanderson never freezes its chicken.

The second spot, ‘Pricey Gift,’ finds the chicken chatting with a couple in their suburban living room. Turns out, the couple got the chicken an expensive gift on their travels – a tacky Faberge-style egg. “Don’t spend too much on chicken,” says the voice over.

The third spot, ‘Restaurant,’ showcases the chicken being put in a sticky situation when he is served a ‘vegetarian special,’ at a higher-end restaurant, which makes him uncomfortable because, as he tells the young waiter, chickens aren’t vegetarians. This gets the poor guy put on probation as the spokeschicken tries to apologize.

The humorous work, created by BBDO Atlanta, will run on TV and radio across 38 markets, as well as in digital and social media.

from The Drum: https://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/07/27/chicken-visits-penguins-and-eats-restaurant-promote-fresh-sanderson-farms-poultry