Most Valuable Candy: Trolli caps James Harden’s MVP season with lifesize gummi shoe

Trolli and creative agency partner Periscope announced the release of a ‘most valuable candy’ (MVC) in an effort to immortalize James Harden’s first most valuable player (MVP) victory at the NBA Awards on June 25, 2018.


The giant gummi shoes, which are replicas of Adidas’ signature sneaker for the Houston Rockets’ guard, were created to honor the candy brand’s ambassador of the past three years. The shoes are priced at $2,677 per pair, the same number of points that this league-leading scorer achieved this year, and proceeds will go to Harden’s foundation: 3 The Harden Way.

Three pairs of these limited edition gummified James Harden shoes, weighing nearly 12 pounds, will be available exclusively on Amazon this Friday, June 29. The sneakers also have been in the running to be named by Guinness World Records as the official most valuable candy ever sold.

Said Allison Wyrwicz, Trolli senior brand manager at Ferrara Candy Company. “To us, James Harden is not just the most valuable player, he is an extremely valuable partner. By embodying Trolli’s ‘Weirdly Awesome’ spirit every day, Harden has helped expose the world to all of the inventive and unexpected fun that our candy inspires. We wanted to thank and honor him in a way that we knew our favorite sneakerhead would appreciate.”

James Harden added: “I’m truly honored to be Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome ambassador. I’m a long-time fan of Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and the ‘Weirdly Awesome’ campaign because it represents my own approach to life. Trolli’s unique. I’m unique. We both like to push the envelope and be creative. That’s why we work well together.”

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