Watch a Trailer for ‘No Passport Required,’ Eater’s New Show on PBS

New show No Passport Required, produced by Eater for PBS, airs every Tuesday from July 10 to August 14. Hosted by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson, each episode dives into a different immigrant food culture in six cities — from Detroit to Miami — across the United States. Through food, Samuelsson hopes to share stories of American culture and how immigrant traditions have influenced the way we all eat today.

In episode one, Samuelsson goes to Detroit and Dearborn to learn about the diverse Middle Eastern community in the area and how it’s influenced the surrounding region. Then, in New Orleans, he talks to multiple generations of Vietnamese chefs about their culinary contributions to the city, and how these food traditions have truly become a part of the multicultural city.

In New York, he’s shown how the Indo-Guyanese culture thrives in a small enclave of Queens, and how this one community has taken the best of its Indian and Caribbean roots and incorporated those influences into its customs and cuisine. In Chicago, Samuelsson ventures into the city’s Mexican neighborhoods and discovers their impact on the area’s food and cultural landscape. Then, going beyond the borders of South Beach, he meets with members of Miami’s proud Haitian community. And finally, in Washington, D.C., Samuelsson explores Little Ethiopia and celebrates his own heritage through cooking, dance, and coffee. See a full press release on PBS.