Pickle lovers will…maybe rejoice at Sonic Drive-In’s latest addition to its lineup of “refreshing” summer drinks. The name of its latest product (drumroll, please): the Pickle Juice Slush.

sonic slushies

The bright green slush, which Sonic describes as “sweet yet tart,” debuts Monday alongside more conventional Snow Cone Slush flavors like Blue Hawaiian, Bahama Mama and Tiger’s Blood.

Reactions to the drink have been mixed. Here, some on Twitter who are unlikely to try it:

The Pickle Juice Slush is a new—albeit wacky—take on the recent fermented food trend: think kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and Greek yogurt. Fermented foods, which are created by bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms breaking down a substance, are known for their tangy flavor and health benefits. A study published in a 2016 issue of the “Preventive Nutrition and Food Science” journal found that fermented foods have an especially positive effect on cognitive function, along with previously known digestive benefits.

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