Feel like you’ve been seeing Topo Chico everywhere these days?

You’re probably not wrong, according to executives at Coca-Cola, the beverage giant that now owns the rights to distribute the Mexican mineral water throughout the U.S.

Coca-Cola President and CEO James Quincey gave the brand a shout-out in the company’s quarterly earnings call with investors.

coca cola topo chico

He said that Coke is “working to scale” the high-growth brand. Since Coca-Cola made the Topo Chico purchase in October, he said, it has boosted the water’s distribution in convenience stores by 25 percent.

In a news release tied to the financial report, Coca-Cola highlighted Topo Chico’s role in the soda-maker’s work to bulk up its healthier offerings, which executives said helped power the Atlanta-based corporation to growth.

The unit’s vice president overseeing emerging brands and incubation, Matt Hughes, said in a post on the site that Topo Chico was a way of building Coca-Cola’s premium sparkling water offerings as soda drinkers seek out healthier alternatives, spurring what observers have described as massive growth in the category.

Nationally, more than $2.3 billion worth of bottled sparkling water is sold every year, according to sales data from Chicago-based consumer market researcher Information Resources Inc. 

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