Here’s why you may be noticing Topo Chico everywhere, and why you’ll likely be seeing more

Feel like you’ve been seeing Topo Chico everywhere these days?

You’re probably not wrong, according to executives at Coca-Cola, the beverage giant that now owns the rights to distribute the Mexican mineral water throughout the U.S.

Coca-Cola President and CEO James Quincey gave the brand a shout-out in the company’s quarterly earnings call with investors.

coca cola topo chico

He said that Coke is “working to scale” the high-growth brand. Since Coca-Cola made the Topo Chico purchase in October, he said, it has boosted the water’s distribution in convenience stores by 25 percent.

In a news release tied to the financial report, Coca-Cola highlighted Topo Chico’s role in the soda-maker’s work to bulk up its healthier offerings, which executives said helped power the Atlanta-based corporation to growth.

The unit’s vice president overseeing emerging brands and incubation, Matt Hughes, said in a post on the site that Topo Chico was a way of building Coca-Cola’s premium sparkling water offerings as soda drinkers seek out healthier alternatives, spurring what observers have described as massive growth in the category.

Nationally, more than $2.3 billion worth of bottled sparkling water is sold every year, according to sales data from Chicago-based consumer market researcher Information Resources Inc. 

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