Johnsonville Goes All-American with its Latest Staffer-Created Ads

Johnsonville continues with its now two-year-old “commercials dreamed up by employees” strategy, this year with an all-American twist.

In the latest iteration of the campaign by Droga5, staff were asked to come up with ads that stress that Johnsonville is “made in the USA.” This was inspired by the company last year creating a limited run of t-shirts sporting a member-created slogan, “You Can’t Spell SaUSAge Without ‘USA.'” The shirts were a huge hit on the brand’s social channels.

Having decided that highlighting the food’s home-grown provenance was a popular move, Johnsonville once again turned to its employees for the commercial ideas. The resulting ad, as in the style of previous spots, sees four-year Johnsonville employee, Tammy, explain her commercial treatment as we see it play out on screen.

Her idea starts with a little girl innocently asking her mom where Johnsonville brats are made. Bursting into a Broadway-style song, she kicks off a musical extravaganza on an American theme. Gradually, not only does the whole town join in (including the fire department, the mayor and all the local dogs) but a giant Statue of Liberty. As if this weren’t joyous enough, it concludes with Mom getting a record deal.

Adam and Dave directed the spot, via Arts & Sciences. Like the last two years’ campaigns, it’s hilariously done, with a good-natured feel that has fun with, but doesn’t patronize the employees. It seems designed to appeal to both staff and consumers alike.

from Ad Age: