White Castle Partners With Rising Star On Anthem For New Generation Of Cravers

America’s first hamburger fast-food chain, has announced a special new partnership with Puerto Rican singer and songwriter, Gilmarie. The artist’s new song, Make a Bold Move, was co-commissioned by White Castle and is featured in the chain’s new Hispanic national advertising campaign, and downloads of the song will directly benefit her dream of attending Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2018.

Make A Bold Move, which was released on International Women’s Day, is dedicated to the empowerment of young Cravers and encourages them to be bold to keep working to achieve their dreams. The song is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube, and proceeds from the downloads will help Gilmarie afford travel and living expenses as she follows her own dream of moving to Bostonto begin her music studies at Berklee College of Music. The song was commissioned by White Castle, agency Co. Jones and music producers Mixto Music.

“I’m more than grateful for the opportunity White Castle has given me. My dad grew up blocks away from White Castle in New York, so everything that’s happening is of great significance to me and my family. It gives me the motivation to keep working hard to achieve my dreams,” said Gilmarie. “During the process of writing the song after hurricane Maria, I knew I was reminding myself that I had dreams to follow, and if I worked hard enough, they were going to come true. I then realized that there are many other young people out there with their own dreams, and this song could help to inspire them.”

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