Corona heads to the golf course to market new light beer

Portada talks to John Alvarado, VP, brand marketing at Constellation Brands, about the launch of the new Corona Premier.

Why it matters: It’s the first time in 29 years that Corona distributors in the U.S. have found an opportunity to introduce a new product to the market, and they are very confident it will be well received by consumers.

Since Corona was born in 1925, it has tried to become an example of refinement and good taste. When it was first exported to the U.S., it quickly became the best-selling alcoholic beverage, and now it is available all around the world. For a long time, consumers have been able to enjoy two varieties of this product: the classic Corona Extra and later Corona Light, first introduced to the U.S. market in 1989. There had not been any new Corona products since then until the opportunity for a new light beer was identified recently, 29 years later. Constellation Brands, the Fortune 500 company that distributes Corona beer in the United States, has launched Corona Premier, with 2.6g of carbs and 90 calories per bottle. We talked to John Alvarado, VP, Brands Marketing at Constellation Brands, to find out how this new product was conceived and how it plans to reach its target.