Ad of the Day: Powerade breaks ankles in new brand campaign in time for March Madness

Sports drink Powerade launches a new brand campaign, ‘That’s Some Kind of Power’ with a basketball-themed spot in time for the NCAA Basketball tournament.

Entitled ‘Ankles,’ the 30-second spot will be the first of a series of nationally-televised spots that Powerade said will “bring to life the brand’s new platform.” The campaign stars a bodega owner thinking about what his life could have been if he had Powerade in his life back in his playing days.

In ‘Ankles,’ the bodega owner does a little revisionist history, saying that if he had the kind of power that came with drinking the sports beverage, his career would be one where he’s breaking everyone’s ankles. Including the referees. And the peanut vendors. His “power”-ful skills transcend the court, where two weeks later, a recorded footage of his performance shows he “broke” the ankles of viewers at home. When the smoke clears, everyone’s on their knees — as the younger bodega baller makes an uncontested three-point jumpshot.

“Man,” he snaps out of his hyperbole-filled fantasy almost wistfully as his bodega cat watches from above, “that is some kind of power.”

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