Thunderbird Real Food Bars, selects engagement agency Drumroll as its voice agency of record.

In what seems like an emerging trend, Drumroll has been appointed voice AOR by Austin-based Thunderbird Real Food Bars, a company specializing in bars that are both paleo certified and vegan.

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The partnership between the two Austin-based companies illustrates their shared belief that voice-controlled devices, systems and services will play a major role in how audiences will engage with brands.

“Drumroll’s vision for voice-controlled devices goes well beyond the current crop of digital assistants and was an important factor in our decision to engage them in this growing area of opportunity,” says Mike Elhaj, chief executive officer, Thunderbird Real Food Bars.

Their first project is based around what Drumroll calls its Voice Experience Design that marries a voice-specific process with internally developed skillsets, such as conditional linguistics to enable brands to identify moments in which they can “authentically” interact with users.

“One way to think of it is this: What if that “buy now” button we click on at our favorite retailer site could actually be clicked twenty-five different ways based on things like which hand you used or variations of your hand’s movement,” said Kirk Drummond, co-founder, CEO, Drumroll. “What was once a very binary action now must account for a huge range of variety such as speaking style, word choice, and comfort with voice control.”

While this is the first voice AOR for both the agency and client, Drumroll expects to add more to its roster. “We think current projections for voice are conservative and expand well beyond web browsing and search behavior,” says John McGarry, chief growth officer, Drumroll. “That’s why we believe voice marketing and engagement represents significant growth for our clients and why we’ve invested time and resources into developing voice specific methodologies and skillsets.”

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