Tastemade Partners with AT&T to Launch its First Television Show

Tastemade has announced the launch of its first-ever television show, “The Pitch,” in-partnership with AT&T. The series documents the fandom that surrounds soccer in England – through the eyes, stories diehard fans. 

The Pitch DirecTV screenchow

“Football in England is more than just a sport. It is inherent to the culture – built into the very psyche of the fans who worship it,” said AT&T in a post describing the show. “From the pubs to the streets, there is a tribal passion that surrounds the world’s most popular sport. These are the stories from the stands: of a person’s allegiance to their club, the lengths that some go to show their loyalty, and the way fans embody the hundred year legacies these clubs have built all around “The Pitch.”

The new series will be available across AT&T services including DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW and AT&T U-verse. The show will be housed on AT&T’s “Audience Network” (channel 239 for DirecTV customers).

Though this is Tastemade’s first broadcast television show, the company has launched several series on Facebook Watch, the social media company’s video platform. Among those shows are “Struggle meals,” “Kitchen Little,” “Food to Die For,” and “Move in Day.”

from Video Ink: https://www.thevideoink.com/2018/02/19/tastemade-partners-att-launch-first-television-show/

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