McDonald’s Absurdly Lavish ‘Bling Mac’ Ring Could Be Yours, If You Love It Enough

This Valentine’s Day, how will you show your love for McDonald’s Big Mac?

Let’s see … you could eat a Big Mac, of course. Or maybe a Grand Big Mac. Or even a Big Mac Jr.

Or you can save yourself all those empty calories by playing a pair of brand-boosting games developed by DDB. (Kidding, of course. This stuff is health food, at least compared to the chocolate shakes.)

If you’re feeling poetic, try composing a few lines of love to the sandwich on Twitter for a chance to win the “Bling Mac.” That’s an 18k gold, stackable ring with seven tiers of gems representing Big Mac ingredients, including orange sapphires as the special sauce:

Only one burger buff will win the Bling-y thing-y, designed by Nadine Ghosn and valued at $12,500. But everyone can be a “Big Mac Hero” by playing the fast-feeder’s throwback 8-bit video game.


Using power jumps, you collect as many Big Macs, Grand Big Macs and Mac Jr.’s as possible to prove your love and advance through various levels, while avoiding other foods like pizza and tacos. (Why spoil your dinner?)

Odd, in real life, after putting away so many Big Macs, most people don’t feel much like leaping around.

Big Mac Hero—it sounds like a menu item, right?—was developed with Reddit and Snapchat, and McDonald’s is using those platforms to promote and disseminate the game. In the case of the latter, a snap ad and snapcode on McD’s cups take users to the Hero experience.

from AdWeek: