Jolly Rancher releases its own jewelry line for Valentine’s Day

Hershey-owned Jolly Rancher has released a jewelry line for those who are scrambling to find a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for their significant other.


The stunt aligns with the brand’s playful ‘Keep on Sucking’ campaign, which reminds people to have fun – and enjoy some candy – even when life sucks.

On social, Jolly Rancher is asking people to share their worst Valentine’s Day gift-giving (and receiving) stories for a chance to win some of the brand’s custom-made jewelry, which it says was made to look like candy from the “rarest plastic on earth.” Those who share their stories with the brand on Twitter will be entered for a chance to win a “custom-designed, special edition, Jolly Rancher jewelry piece.” A total of 15 will be given out.

Created in partnership with Anomaly New York, some of the jewelry items available include a Green Apple Necklace, Blue Raspberry Bracelet, Grape Earrings and Watermelon Ring.

“Buying a gift for your Valentine sucks… Especially when Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and, well, you forgot. While diamonds might last forever, Jolly Rancher hard candy is long-lasting, too,” Erik Falck, senior brand Manager at Jolly Rancher, in a statement. “We’re here to rescue our loyal fans from the suckiest of situations – trying to find ‘the’ gift for a loved one only days before Valentine’s Day.”

Check out some of the jewelry below.