Food TV and Movies to Watch on Netflix and Hulu This February

We are currently living in the Golden Age of Food Entertainment. Every month, the networks and major streaming services get a handful of new shows and movies about chefs, restaurants, and the ways people eat around the world. Take a look at what’s new to stream in January right here, and check out Eater’s full guide to food TV and movies at the bottom of this post. (And if you’re always looking for more streaming recommendations, do check out Eater’s newsletter Eat, Drink, Watch., which delivers pop culture editor Greg Morabito’s picks and entertainment news every Friday.)

Ugly Delicious
Netflix, February 23

Momofuku mastermind and Mind of a Chef alum David Chang is getting back on the airwaves with this new Netflix series. Chang will take a bit of a Bourdainian approach and travel the globe, eating and drinking with various chefs, writers, artists, and entertainers. Chang says he wants the show to be “a collaborative forum, a place where it’s okay to have strong opinions and honest conversations about food.”

Mystic Pizza
Hulu, February 1

Before she was famous for playing a diabetic Southern belle, Los Angeles call girl, serial engagement-breaker, and feisty paralegal, Julia Roberts made her breakthrough in the 1988 coming-of-age flick Mystic Pizza. Roberts plays Daisy Araújo, one of three sisters who are waitresses at the titular restaurant in a Portuguese-American enclave in Connecticut. Matt Damon has a bit role, too, making his big screen debut. The sisters deal with family drama and relationship drama, and the movie’s climax comes when a famous food critic stops by to judge the pizzeria’s pies.

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