DiGiorno claims frozen pizzas make people happier than delivery ones in latest campaign

DiGiorno recently conducted a social experiment of sorts to try and prove that people actually prefer frozen pizza over delivery or carryout, whether they realize it or not.

According to Crimson Hexagon data cited by the Nestlé-owned brand, nearly 80% of all online posts about carryout and delivery last year were not positive. That statistic was the catalyst behind DiGiorno’s recent experiment, which sought to show that partygoers are happier when a pizza is baking in the oven than when they’re waiting on a delivery order.

The stunt is an obvious swipe at delivery chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, both of which have strived to make the delivery experience easier for consumers in recent years with things like Twitter orderingchat bots and even self-driving cars.

To conduct the experiment, DiGiorno partnered with more than 20 real people to host six different parties. Some of the parties had a DiGiorno pizza cooking in the oven, while the remaining ones ordered a pie from a national chain.

During the parties, the brand used 20 high-resolution cameras and facial recognition software to track the emotions of guests. According to DiGiorno, joy increased by an average of 27% at parties where a DiGiorno pizza was baking, while joy decreased by an average of 20% at parties who ordered in.

“Our belief has always been that fresh-baked pizza helps people get more out of their occasions,” said Jeff Hamilton, president of Nestlé Foods Division, in a statement. “This experiment was yet another chance for us to see how and why our pizza has that positive effect, especially at those same times when delivery might not.”

This isn’t the first time that DiGiorno has conducted an experiment of this nature: last year, the brand also employed facial recognition and emotion-tracking software to show that pizza lovers are happier when they’re smelling a pie cooking in the oven than when they are eating a slice.

from The Drum: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/01/31/digiorno-claims-frozen-pizzas-make-people-happier-delivery-ones-latest-campaign