David Schwimmer Feeds Skittles to an Animatronic Sandwich in a Teaser for Skittles’ Super Bowl Ad

David Schwimmer feeds Skittles to, and yells at, an animatronic sandwich in one of four 15-second teasers for Skittles’ 60-second Super Bowl spot that the brand will show to just one teenage fan. Schwimmer will also star in the 60-second ad.

“I got a kick out of participating in what I think is the most-exclusive Super Bowl ad ever, because only one person gets to watch it,” said Schwimmer.

Schwimmer plays four different characters in each of the 15-second teasers from DDB, which all tout the fact that he can’t tell you what’s going to happen in the 60-second spot.

“I don’t really do commercials, but the idea, when presented to me, it was just so inherently funny and subversive—that only one person was going to see it, this kid Marcos Menendez,” said Schwimmer. The strange idea “coupled with how much I really enjoy Skittles commercials myself” made it easy for Schwimmer to sign on for the spot, which is the actor’s first Super Bowl ad.

When considering the role, the Skittles creative team sent Schwimmer a lookbook, which featured six or seven characters that were eventually narrowed down to just four. “We decided on the four we felt I could connect to more as an actor and that would be the most fun to play,” explained Schwimmer.

On set, the actor actually fed the animatronic sandwich. “It was actually quite easy and fun to do,” said Schwimmer. “The creative team and the prop department had built a sandwich that was animatronic. The lips of the sandwich actually moved up and down. I could feed it Skittles. We had a really intense relationship, me and that sandwich. We have a lot of history, a lot of history.”

The actor declined to tell any detailed stories of his time on set, noting that he can’t let Marcos Menendez know what’s happening in the spot before he sees it during the Big Game. Don’t want to ruin his livestreamed reaction, after all.

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