LG Integrates Innit and SideChef Guided Cooking At CES

LG, which showed off its ThinQ line of smart appliances at CES this week, announced it will integrate with SideChef and Innit guided cooking platforms, allowing them to operate LG appliances. So, when you’re following recipes from SideChef or Innit, those apps will talk to LG SmartThinQ ovens and ranges to automatically set heating temperatures, modes and cooking times.

LG appliances spoon screenchow
LG Electronics (LG) is combining its industry-leading home appliance innovations and smart home connectivity with expanded partnerships featuring leading meal and recipe services to make U.S. consumers’ lives easier and more fun in the kitchen. (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

SideChef and Innit are part of a wave of guided-cooking apps that use a combination of interactive elements such as timers, photos and video to help cooks of all levels prepare meals more easily. In partnering with LG, these guides now move off the screen and into the real world to do some of the actual work of cooking for you.

The guided cooking space heated up this week with with other major players making big announcements. Elsewhere at CES, Whirpool announced that its Yummly guided cooking appwill be able to send instructions to its appliances. And over at the Kitchen and Bath Show in Orlando, Hestan announced that its guided cooking technology will move inside appliances, the first of which is a cooktop from a new residential line from Meyer called Hestan Indoor.

Notably absent from all the guided cooking news this week is Samsung. The company showed off its latest Family Hub fridge that could mirror your phone or Samsung TV, but there was no mention of any connections within a smarter kitchen.

Right now, the press announcement only mentions SideChef and Innit interacting with the hot side of cooking, though it’s easy to see that integration extending into the fridge. The new LG ThinQ refrigerator already recommends meals based on the food you already have. Presumably, SideChef and Innit will also get access to that same ingredient list, and customers could see a more valuable end-to-end solution by using their guided recipe app of choice.

And there is value in helping transform anyone into a decent cook by breaking down the silos between recipe and actual cooking. The instructions are no longer an inert list separate from the result, they are now actively involved in the result.

LG says it’s committed to an open strategy when it comes to creating the smart home. So you can expect more announcements like this to come out this year. Which is good, because partnerships like these also helps allay any fears of getting locked into an ecosystem when buying an expensive, connected appliance.

As these smart cooking platforms expand, partner up and open up, recipes talking to your appliances is something we’ll all be talking about.

from The Spoon: https://thespoon.tech/innit-and-sidechef-recipes-to-talk-with-lg-ovens/