10 Macro Trends Driving Food Innovation

Each year Mattson identifies a number of macro trends. Our goal is to think beyond “the next kale.” We choose lifestyle trends that have the power to influence food and beverage purchases, behavior, beliefs and of course, innovation: the business we’re in. The reason to track trends is, ultimately, to translate them into viable business opportunities. Here are our 2018 picks.

1. Cannabis Craze
2. Losing Booze
3. Keyboard Convenience
4. Taking Food Personally
5. Fast Fresh Farming (Indoors!)
6. Meal Kit Migration
7. Intrinsic Nutrition
8. The Fabulous Flexitarian
9. Produce Power!
10. Non-Food Brands Branch Out

Read about each one at Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/barbstuckey/2018/01/16/10-macro-trends-driving-food-innovation/#4277a1065de8


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