Startup Voolsy’s food app helps improve customers’ dining experience

Queues at fast food joints and the wait for service at restaurants can be quite annoying. For Amrish Patel and Smit Nebhwani, it was too much to handle. “Not just the wait for the food, even getting the menu, especially during the rush hours can be a tricky business. And then, often the service staff is not well-trained to explain the menu choices,” says 28-year-old Nebhwani.

The duo decided to change the way the food services industry operated and make things easier for patrons as well as restaurants. In September 2015, they founded food-tech company, Voolsy, and it started operations in February 2016. The startup’s eponymous app helps cut down the waiting time for customers, allows them to learn about the dishes on offer, rate them, see how they have been rated by others, make payments, and offers a host of other features.