Svedka Vodka has created a Halloween campaign this year based on the insight that banner ads can be creepy. It subjects viewers to banner ads that appear to “follow” you around the internet, and to know what you’re doing.

The campaign, created by Toronto agency Bensimon Byrne, starts by serving up the “Curse Video,” a forced-view pre-roll video (seen here) that once watched, subjects the viewer to digital ads that target and retarget them with creepy messages. Curse messages are based on information that the ad knows about you–for example, if you’re up late, on your phone or tablet or watching a video, as well as where you live (ads are geotargeted, for example towards New Yorkers, who are served the message “I heart following you around New York”).

People can only break the curse and be free of the banners by visiting the Svedka Vodka site and sharing clickbait news articles (deemed to be the thing worse than creepy banner ads). If any of their friends click on the article, they’ll be redirected, Rickroll style, to the curse video that cookies them and starts the nightmare all over again.

from Creativity-Online: