New Vegan Documentary Alert: ‘The Yoyo Effect’ Trailer Is Now Out

The upcoming movie has been billed as ‘the film the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to see’

The award-winning filmmaker behind renowned vegan documentary Food Choices has revealed the trailer for his upcoming film The Yoyo Effect.

The new movie, which will be produced by Michal Siewierski, has been billed as ‘the film the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to see’ – and is a disruptive project about diet and weight loss.

The movie follows filmmaker Siewierski on his journey into the controversial world of weight loss and diet, as he uncovers shocking facts and confronts common misconceptions.

The crowdfunder for the groundbreaking documentary is now live, and it’s looking to raise just under $70,000.

Find out more about the documentary here


The Yoyo Effect aims to present its audience with science-based information from world class experts on nutrition such as Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Neal Barnard.

Talking to Plant Based News, Siewierski said he wants to raise awareness of America’s biggest pandemic – obesity.

He says: “I felt it was time to make a film that focused exclusively on weight loss, to help bring information to the public that can help them achieve their goals in a healthy long term sustainable way.

“And I wanted to do all that in a film that has great entertainment value and is fun to watch. At the same time, the film also tackles the food and weight loss industries, and exposes several shocking facts that most of the general public is not aware of.

“It also shows several new disruptive ideas from scientists and health experts from around the world, who are revolutionizing the way we think about weight loss.”

Siewierski goes on to mention that The Yoyo Effect will be distinguishing itself from other health movies by not focusing on single reductionist approaches to weight loss.