Snacks brand Paqui is promoting its “Carolina Reaper Madness” chip — which is so spicy it’s sold individually in a coffin-shaped box — with a video in which it challenges two tough-guy NFL players to eat one on camera.

The film, by Olson Engage, sees Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and Carolina Panthers player Greg Olsen (who are often pitted as rivals) take the “One Chip Challenge” test, accompanied a glass of milk and some Pepto-Bismol to dampen down the chilli.

Kelce holds out without milk for longer, announcing “Milk is for wussies…I haven’t drunk any milk since I was 15.” He also complains of some serious acid reflux, while Olsen (who claims he hasn’t imbibed milk since he was five) gives in first, muttering “Who made that? Why would you make that?”

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