‘Bullsh*t Free Eggs’ for Vital Farms by Preacher

Vital Farms is calling complete bullshit on Cage-Free and looking to educate people about how “Pasture-Raised” is the only truly ethical and humane way to support egg production. The central focus of the “Bullsh*t Free Eggs” campaign is a funny 2-minute video starring a real Vital Farms farmer, Missouri-based Stuart Dill and award-winning Chef Bryan Caswell (“The Next Iron Chef”).

The full video will run with paid media behind it online and in cut-downs, in addition to merchandise bearing the bullsh*t free message, like T-shirts, mugs, window clings for partnering Vital Farms restaurants and coupons for free VF eggs.

Read more at Campaign Live: http://www.campaignlive.com/article/bullsht-free-eggs-vital-farms-preacher/1445689