Chupa Chups on demystifying the smoke and mirrors around influencers

Candy maker Chupa Chups is easing itself into an influencer economy that some industry observers believe is about to buckle under the weight of its own contradictions.The brand has increased how much it spends on influencer marketing, despite admittedly not knowing what it delivers.


It’s a gamble for a brand that by its own admission only made a concerted push into digital last year. However, Chupa Chups is mitigating concerns by working with its influencers as much as possible, while delegating aspects such as fee negotiations, payment recommendations and measurement to agencies like Social Circle and Maxus. This allows the brand’s marketers to focus more on the strategy for the partnerships, which Maria said aren’t just prioritizing conversions. She added, “We look at influencer work as a wider contribution to the campaign itself, so we don’t pay them based precisely on each individual input using cost per thousand or cost per engagement (CPE) models.”

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