Eat an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Candy Shiv or ‘GoT’ Beast Jerky at This Comic-Con Diner

Comcast’s Xfinity is serving up tantalizing pop-culture inspired meals at San Diego’s Comic-Con this week, at a pop-up diner paying homage to “Game of Thrones,” “Orange Is the New Black” and Marvel’s “Luke Cage.”


Comic-con attendees can get free “TV Dinners” inspired by the shows, created by YouTube celebrity chef Byron Talbott. The meals feature dishes like Genghis Connie’s chow mein from “Luke Cage,” the Jolly Rancher weapon that Piper used to frame fellow inmate Stella Carlin in OITB and Jerky of the Beast, inspired by the wild boar that ultimately killed GoT character King Robert Baratheon.

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