Coca-Cola Just Made Its Most Charming Christmas Ad in Years

In Coca-Cola’s festive 2021 holiday film, a young boy frets about his new apartment’s lack of a chimney. How will Santa Claus deliver presents for Christmas?

A large-scale DIY project ensues, much to the surprise of the boy’s mother, with neighbors helping the kid construct a funnel from delivery boxes and other materials.

Ultimately, there’s a charming twist at the end, as you’ll see in the nearly three-minute spot from DentsuMB and director Sam Brown:

“We don’t just re-amplify the Christmas values and benefits, because everybody understands what Christmas is about,” says Tom Hidvegi, Coke’s director of creative strategy, in the BTS film below. “We manage to tell the story of why Coca-Cola and Christmas can be so special together.”

“It shows the importance of friendship, connection, love, caring for each other,” adds Poliana Sousa, Coke’s Latin America TM lead.

All in all, it’s a sweet sentiment, propelled by strong, Terry Gilliam-style visual storytelling, with expert editing and a perfect pace. The music is also noteworthy—a rousing orchestral version of “Chim Chim Cher-ee” from Mary Poppins, as performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

from the Muse: