Beer giant Corona launches the world’s first-ever ‘plastic fishing’ tournament

Beer giant Corona has launched the world’s first-ever ‘plastic fishing’ tournament – paying fishermen in Mexico to retrieve plastic waste from the ocean.

During the event, created with agency We Believers, 80 fishermen competed to make the biggest catch, collectively hauling more than three tons of plastic refuse from the ocean in Mazatlán, Mexico.

The winner of the tournament pulled in nearly 815 pounds of plastic the day of the contest, earning $14,800 pesos, the equivalent of a month of wages from fishing at the usual rates in the area.

The other contestants, however, didn’t go away empty-handed. Corona hooked them up with the country’s largest recycling company, Mexico Recicla, who compensated them for their hauls at rates higher than those they would be paid for fish.

Gustavo Lauria, co-founder of We Believers, said: “When fishermen turn to the ocean, they find way more plastic than fish, and the fish they catch are way smaller than those they captured a decade ago. That’s how we connected the dots to encourage them to collect plastic instead of fish, creating a new source of income for their communities.”

The launch follows Corona’s claims earlier this month that it is the first in the beverage industry to become ‘net-zero plastic’ – announcing that it is now recovering more plastic from the environment than it generates.

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