A-Rod says “presidentes are all around us”

Beer brand Presidente threw the first pitch of its “Be the Presidente” campaign in the form of a 30-second hero videofeaturing baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.

The goal of the campaign is to salute leaders in Latinx culture who challenge stereotypes, defy conformity and help shape their communities for the better, and the stories of three people who embrace their Hispanic heritage and blend it with their own first-person experiences and passions to help shape the modern Latinx community and culture of today are shared:

  • Jordan Lopez, Presidente of Freshness: The go-to barber for baseball’s most prestigious players, whose various businesses are pillars of the Washington Heights community and beyond.
  • Raelis Vasquez, Presidente of Culture: A New York-based artist whose every painting shines a light on the Dominican American experience, from family to race, class and community.
  • Paola Velez, Presidente of Justice: A James Beard finalist and Esquire’s Pastry Chef of The Year who has raised more than $2 million toward the fight against racism through her organization, Bakers Against Racism.

“Be the Presidente” will run through the fall on digital, radio and social across the country.

Read more at AdWeek: https://www.adweek.com/social-marketing/be-the-presidente-campaign-celebrates-leaders-in-latinx-culture/?ntfData=login