Mayo or mustard? To get a free sandwich from celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, some 750 hungry New Yorkers pledged their allegiance to French’s at a pop-up eatery the brand staged next to the chef’s flagship restaurant, Craft. The MustSwitch sandwich campaign—as in, “must switch from mayonnaise to mustard”—was designed to position mustard as a healthier and tastier alternative to mayonnaise.

Instead of accepting cash or credit card as payment, the pop-up, open March 6-7, offered the sandwich for free if consumers traded in a bottle of mayonnaise or signed a pledge promising “to renounce the bland and rejoice the bright; to make a healthier choice without sacrificing flavor; to make the switch to mustard with the MustSwitch.”

“We wanted to appeal to people who are mindful of the choices that they’re making, even if not sticking to a strict diet, while encouraging people to eat more sandwiches flavored with Classic Yellow Mustard,” says Jill Pratt, chief marketing excellence officer at French’s. “The MustSwitch campaign offered a playful sense of urgency in its name, while also suggesting mustard as a simple swap anyone can make.”

Read more at EventMarketer:

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