‘Yogurt Strength’ Allows Saquon Barkley to Demolish Everyday Tasks in New Ads for Oikos

In two new spots for Dannon’s Oikos Triple Zero, New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley demonstrates his superhuman strength—by opening a pickle jar, and carrying a dozen bags of groceries all in one trip.

The secret to Barkley’s strength? He eats the protein that’s inside Oikos Triple Zero yogurt, he explains with a deadpan stare.

The simple, everyday tasks that Barkley tackles with his “yogurt strength” tap into something that’s pretty relatable about life right now—there’s just not a whole lot else going on. But hey, small wins like opening jars or carrying all the groceries at once? Those can make the day a little better.

“In this unique year, it’s clear that we’ve all needed to rely on the strength of ourselves and others more than ever,” Oikos Triple Zero senior brand manager Jason Valdes said in a statement. “Our brand believes that human strength is the most powerful force in the universe.”

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