Seattle Has the (Italian) Meats

When thinking of challenger brands, one likely defaults to incumbents in categories like razors, feminine hygiene, luggage, personal care and, in one case, cereal.

But what of the cured meats category? Charcuterie is oft the domain of local artisans, but there is an argument that, in the sliced meat game, brands like Boar’s Head, Dietz & Watson and Applegate have some pretty decent name recognition and requisite share of the market.

Creminelli is looking to poke a stick in the “Big Lunchmeat” hornet’s nest with new marketing intended to get people thinking about its growing product offerings.

As it turns out, the brand has been doing quite well, especially in the vaunted prosciutto category, outpacing its nearest competitors by double digits. With that in mind, Creminelli picked Seattle and its well-known foodie culture for its first advertising campaign.

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