Bagel Bites Says Despite Our Differences, We Can All Agree on Pizza Bagels

The internet is full of disagreements. Some are over serious topics such as immigration, healthcare and prison reform. But the outcomes of other arguments, such as whether clowns are silly or scary, how a dog might wear pants, and if it’s pronounced jif or gif, involve fewer consequences.

It’s the latter, lighthearted arena of debate that snack brand Bagel Bites seeks to enter with its first major campaign from ad agency Johannes Leonardo, which won the account late last year. With the slogan “Pizza on a Bagel—We Can All Agree With That,” the marketing push features arguments found on platforms such as YouTube and Reddit, and hopes viewers continue the discussion while keeping the Kraft Heinz brand in mind.

In one 15-second spot, for example, an animated unicorn and pony disagree over which creature kids love more before helping themselves to a plate filled with Bagel Bites.

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