Bojangles revs up its brand with the help of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a new logo

Bojangles has a new look and a new voice, that of racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., as the chicken and biscuits chain goes for a more modern approach. 


The redesigned Bojangles logo showcases the connection of the letters “B” and “o” and maintains the star over the letter “j.” For the first time, the logo loses the apostrophe that hung over the “s,” neither before nor after the final letter in the name. The look is the chain’s first significant update of its branding.

The new logo appears in a 30-second ad that includes Earnhardt’s run as the first celebrity to voice the “It’s Bo Time” slogan, which the brand has used since 2010. The “Tick Tick Boom” spot features Earnhardt’s voice but is more focused on food close-up shots, voice-over descriptions about the cooking process, and video clips of other people.

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