Burger King Will Give You a Whopper for Using Its Billboards as Your Zoom Background

The Zoom background has surely been the most talked-about piece of online real estate since the dawn of coronavirus. No surprise, then, that Burger King is trying to turn the space into an advertising vehicle—with your help, of course.

The brand is incentivizing Zoom users (and users of any video-chat software, in fact) to use images of BK billboards as their backgrounds. If you take a photo or screenshot of the results on Twitter and @ the brand using the hashtag #HomeOfTheBillboards, you can get a “buy one get one free” offer for the Whopper sandwich.

BK is framing the fun social stunt as a way to get its billboards and other OOH work noticed at a time when fewer people are out and about in the world.

The promotion runs today through Friday. The coupon code will be DMed to you, and must be redeemed on the BK App.

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