Gut Argentina and Stella Artois remind viewers that there’s always an “after” following a crisis

Stella Artois has been around some 600 years, so it’s seen some shit, from World Wars to depressions, and witnessed the ensuing rebounds in the aftermath of such catastrophes. The message of reassurance is paired with a look at all the meeting places we’re missing during the crisis.


The message comes with a call to action: Stella Artois encourages viewers to buy vouchers to small businesses which the company promises to match.

“With more than 600 years of history, Stella Artois witnessed the greatest crises that humanity suffered and how they overcame them. With this campaign we want to transmit an optimistic message, accompanied by a concrete action plan in order for this optimism to become a reality so that we can all celebrate once this is over,” Gut Argentina group creative directors Ramiro Gamallo and Matías Lafalla said in a statement. “To be able to help those who are living with a lot of uncertainty, in this case bars and restaurants, but also to the people who purchase the vouchers since they will double the value of their purchase.”

from AgencySpy: