How Burger King Is Using FIFA 20 to Make a Tiny English Team a Big Deal

In June, Burger King announced it was sponsoring Stevenage Football Club, a soccer team in England’s League Two—which is the fourth division of English footall (after the Premier League, the Championship and League One). 

It may have seemed odd at the time for a multinational marketer to be interested in such a small club. But BK’s global head of brand marketing, Marcelo Pascoa, assured supporters that the company was passionate “not only for the big teams, but also for the smaller ones that are poised for something big.”

Starting today, BK is encouraging FIFA 20 gamers to play the Stevenage team within the game—by posting an online list of in-game challenges for virtual Stevenage players to try. (They have names like “A Nutmeg for Nuggets” and “Impossible for Impossible Whopper.”) Gamers who complete the challenges, and upload the footage to Twitter, will be eligible for free BK food. 

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