Coke Invites Fans Into the Tiny Worlds of 14 Brands Through Mobile Content Platform

At Coca-Cola, big ideas can actually be small.

Really small.

The company recently tapped several “miniaturists” – artists who specialize in small-scale, dollhouse-like representations of life-sized landscapes and slices of life – to create 14 brand-specific “tiny worlds” for fans to experience exclusively through the sip & scan digital content platform.


For a limited time, scanning the on-pack sip & scan icon via a mobile device unlocks a virtual doorway to video footage of handcrafted models inspired by each brand’s personality and passions. For example, Coca-Cola fans can soak up a few rays at a beach club; Seagram’s lovers can set out hors d’oeuvres for friends and mix up a mocktail in their well-appointed apartment; Sprite creators can mix it up in the recording studio; and smartwater enthusiasts can pop in a startup. New Coke even makes a cameo with a NETFLIX/Stranger Things-inspired throwback to 1985.

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