The many faces of Maccy D’s

In a selection of cute micro-shorts for McDonalds, Blinkink director Chris Bristow introduces us to a handful of oddities picking up a tasty burger.


The food delivery driver must have replaced the postman or window cleaner as the person who experiences the most snapshots of people’s private lives through what they do.

Whether it’s, as displayed in this lovely collection of micro-shorts for McDonalds from Blinkink director Chris Bristow, answering the door mid-sports-celebration/commiseration, being persecuted by a robot vacuum cleaner or appearing completely in the squeaky, it’s safe to say that one of your food-receiving situations has potentially brightened/ruined the night of the person dispensing.

Utilising Bristow’s charming style, and full of scenarios that provoke a chuckle, this lovely selection of bespoke social media nuggets from Leo Burnett prove that it takes all sorts to bite a Big Mac.