Ball Park Franks Brings Baseball’s Famed Racing Mascots Game to the Big Screen

National CineMedia and the brand launch AR game for moviegoers

It’s only been a few weeks since National Hot Dog day and the auspicious
rollout of the iconic Weinermobile to Airbnb. Time for a silver-screen
advertising network to ketchup on all the excitement?
(Full disclosure: more bad puns to follow).


National CineMedia (NCM), during its pre-show program called Noovie, will launch an augmented reality game on Friday with Ball Park franks. Moviegoers at AMC, Cinemark, Regal and other theater chains will be able to immerse themselves in a track-and-field contest where anthropomorphic hot dogs race each other, jump hurdles and finish best. Or wurst? Ball Park Franks AR GameVolume 90%

Execs at NCM say they’re relishing this deal since it’s the first cinema advertising for the Detroit-born Ball Park, and the first branded game with a consumer packaged goods company.

The Ball Park Hot Dog Derby, playable via the free Noovie Arcade app, will debut on 40-foot-tall screens before all G- and PG-rated movies at NCM’s 1,700-plus theaters across the country, turning the venues into “larger than life game settings,” the partners say.

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