The sweet taste of justice: Ben & Jerry’s campaign for prison reform enters new era

Ben & Jerry’s, known for its quirky ice cream flavor names, has revealed another facet of its now-three-year ‘Justice Remix’d‘ campaign to address prison reform in the US.


The self-proclaimed “aspiring social justice company” is serving up some food for thought with its latest installation, ‘Art for Justice’ – which features work from artists who have firsthand experience with incarceration and since have taken the initiative to improve the criminal justice system – located at its Waterbury, Vermont tour site.

The factory boasts nearly 400,000 annual visitors and is popular among tourists – this coupled with traffic from the Art for Justice Fund affirms a large audience for what Ben & Jerry’s is hoping to expose as “a national shame.”

The US prison system houses 5% of the world population and as much as 25% of its prison population. “Ben & Jerry’s is taking action on the issue of criminal justice reform, actively working with NGO partners and in league with a growing number of companies, to learn how we can best make a positive impact,” said Ben & Jerry’s chief executive officer Matthew McCarthy in a release. “Collectively we call out the tremendous disparity between spending $260m and the fact that those impacted individuals and communities are no better off.”

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