Austin CD Wants You to Try His Bolo Tie Pasta and Check Out His Portfolio

When we hear the phrase Austin, Texas, we think of several things, chief among them SXSW, Matthew McConaughey and GSD&M. Stuffed pasta, however, is one of the very last items that comes to mind.

Freelance creative director Dan Marvin wants to change all that with his new innovation, Marvin Bolo Tie Pasta (not bowtie, get it?).

The longtime copywriter, who worked at Commonwealth/McCann, Doner, GTB, Havas and more before headin’ down south in recent months, collaborated with Commonwealth CD, art director Dave Muller to concoct the sort of edible/wearable combination that’s somehow “on brand” for both your neighborhood Italian eatery and the rich oil guy from The Simpsons.

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