St Patrick’s Day: Jameson and Anderson .Paak aim to keep the neighborhood bar alive

Musician Anderson .Paak, in a campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey, says that neighborhood bars are closing, and he and the brand aim to turn that downward trend around again.

Jameson, as a brand, states that it celebrates the unique places, sounds and tastes found only in neighborhood bars. In a time when people are struggling to connect and choosing their couch over their local bar, the brand believes it is more important than ever to hold onto the stories, memories and connections that come from within neighborhood bars and remind consumers of the role they play in shaping their communities.

So, this St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson is showing its commitment to local neighborhoods with the new campaign, ‘#LoveThyBar’. Jameson and Grammy Award-winning musician and producer, .Paak, are issuing a rallying cry to communities around the country.

In the 30-second spot, .Paak is seen in a bar in Oxnard, California, playing his drums, as he states that neighborhood bars are closing – “like six a day” – which he says needs to stop. So, as he says that “we need to go out and we need to gather,” a full bar with a live band is seen, meaning, perhaps, the cause is not lost.

“This cause with Jameson is one I can get behind because it’s part of my story,” said .Paak in a release. “It feels like nearly all the bars that we came up in within our hometown are done, they’re just not there anymore. Music will suffer if we don’t value the local spots, the neighborhood bars, where you can roll up and play to just the staff if that’s the vibe. When you are trying to figure out who you are, as an artist or a person, you need to go bounce stuff off real people, new people, strange people and discover yourself through being around others. Get your crew together, go out and #LoveThyBar.”

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