Andy Warhol Inspired Coca-Cola’s Pregame Super Bowl Ad, Which Champions Diversity and Inclusion

Coca-Cola is returning to the Super Bowl with a 60-second spot that will celebrate two brand values that the team at Coke has championed for its 130-plus year history—diversity and inclusion.


For this year’s Super Bowl spot (the brand’s 13th consecutive Big Game ad) from Weiden + Kennedy, the brand looked to the legendary artist Andy Warhol. The artist once said, “A coke is a coke,” and that anyone can drink one, from Liz Taylor to the president. Coca-Cola wanted to capture that spirit in a fresh way, and an animated Super Bowl ad was the answer.

“It represents the very democratic truth of our brand, that no matter who you are, there is a Coke for you,” Brynn Bardacke, vp, content and creative excellence, Coca-Cola North America, said. “Certainly in today’s environment there is no doubt that the nation feels divided, so we think it is as relevant as ever. But we didn’t specifically make it because we felt like it was the time to say something like that.”

“A Coke is a Coke” is set to air in the pregame spot, just ahead of the national anthem. It marks the brand’s 13th consecutive appearance in the Big Game. Last year Coca-Cola relayed a similar message of inclusion with its spot, “The Wonder of Us.”

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