AB InBev’s big Super Bowl buy just got bigger

Plenty of marketing execs are starting out the new year with new gigs. Check out our list of comings and goings at the end of this column, including how Target Chief Marketing Officer Rick Gomez is expanding his duties at the retail giant. But we begin with a little Super Bowl news.


Anheuser-Busch InBev has tacked on another 15 seconds to its Super Bowl ad buy, bringing the brewer’s total time to five-minutes, 45 seconds, across eight ads. The brewer also plans to run eight more brand plugs during the game, totaling five seconds each. While not traditional spots, a spokesman says the quick hits will include so-called billboards— an animated or static graphic on TV with brand copy/tagline—and “aerials,” which are cuts in and out of the game, including some occuring during the game when there is a break in action. Add those in and the company will be consuming 6 minutes and 25 seconds of air time, which it says makes this its biggest Super Bowl ever.

AB InBev—which has long held exclusive alcohol ad rights for the game as a result of network negotiations— has not approached this level of saturation since 2010, when nine ads spanned five minutes, 30 seconds, according to Ad Age’s Super Bowl archive. (We also included a tenth ad, for Budweiser, called “Payments,” but the brewer informs us that one actually ran in pre-game, and we’ll trust them on that.)

Read more at Ad Age: https://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/ab-inbev-s-big-super-bowl-buy-bigger/316276/