Kinder surprised after toy makes accidental ‘KKK’ reference

Kinder has apologized to alarmed parents after shipping a Kinder Egg toy that accidentally made a reference to the American fundamentalist hate group – the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).



The Kinder Surprise mascot toy in question saw its anthropomorphic chocolate treat spark complaints with the reference to the hate group.

Customers made some comparisons between the mascot and the group. They said the group’s ill-famed hood was atop the toy, others said that the hair could be mistaken for Donald Trump’s style. In addition to this, the toy is holding three balloons which spell out ‘KKK’.

Concerned parents were quick to share their discontent with Kinder on social media. Responses on Twitter include: “make chocolate great again?” and “What’s Kinder’s surprise? Supporting the KKK?”

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