Anheuser-Busch debuts Instagrammable O’Doul’s packaging

Most of us know O’Doul’s as that weird beer in the corner of the bodega cooler. Released in 1990 as a nonalcoholic alternative for people who wanted beer without the booze, it’s since become something of a cultural punching bag. But many of us would like to have the social experience of drinking without actually drinking–suggesting that part of O’Doul’s bad rap might be its green-and-gold branding, which portrays it as a faux-Irish lager rather than embracing its role as a beer alternative.

In anticipation of “Blackout Wednesday,” as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving when many college students come home and party is known, the Anheuser-Busch corporate social responsibility department has developed a potentially brilliant marketing play. In select bars across Manhattan, they’ll be experimenting with a new, limited-edition O’Doul’s can design by the celebrated graphic designer Mr. Kiji.

Instead of green and gold, Kiji reimagined the can with quirky geometric patterns and retro pastels. The typography looks more like something out of a zine than a label for a beer can; the whole design is pure Instagram bait.

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