Bacardi uses classic horror to promote Halloween cocktail

Bacardi has put a twist on the ol’ standard cocktail recipe video with a splash of ghastly frights.


The video, “Barcardi: The Zombie” is Bacardi’s way of sharing some fun cocktail recipes for Halloween, while at the same time promoting two of its brands—Bacardi Superior and Bacardi Black, both ingredients in the cocktail. The film is reminiscent of old school horror flicks and draws  inspiration from classics like The ShiningThe RingSaw and Psycho.

The film transports viewers into a first-person POV of someone inserting a mysterious videotape (aptly marked with the brand’s bat logo) into a 1950’s era TV. Horror-inspired props and camera techniques raise the tension as the character in the film suddenly appears in the living room. A “very delicious, very haunted” Halloween cocktail waits on the other side for viewers who dare to watch the full video, the brand says.

“The Zombie” is not designed as a big campaign, simply entertainment, says Bacardi’s Director of Creative Excellence Laila Mignoni.

“Halloween is the second biggest night out in U.S. after New Year’s Eve and we wanted to do something different just to have fun,” she says. Launching the campaign in September is a way to keep pace with consumers beginning searches for drinks and food items to celebrate Halloween.

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